Marco Island News, Pearson turns in his hat

Marco councilman turns in his hat after DUI arrest

Marco Island City Councilman Walter Pearson has resigned.

In a one sentence, hand-written note to Council Chairman Harry Cowin, Pearson wrote, "I hereby submit my resignation as a member of the City Council."


Walter Pearson

Pearson was released from jail this morning "Thursday" after his driving under the influence arrest early last night.

On Wednesday evening, Pearson's car was pulled over in the vicinity off  Collier Boulevard and Saturn Court after apparently  not being able to keep his vehicle between the lines according to the Marco Island police.

Collier County sheriff's deputy's were summoned, they administered sobriety tests, and Pearson failed.  Since Pearson serves as a City Official, the Sheriff's office handled the arrest. 

Pearson also failed two breathalyzer tests with a reading well above the legal limits authorities said.

Alcohol-related driving violations, are a part of former Councilman Pearson's history, as brought out into the light after being elected to the Marco Island City Counsel..  Pearson has even served jail time for his last conviction as witnessed by Collier County court records.

Pearson in the past, was a very strongly against having a Marco Island Police department and at times, called the Sheriffs Department in lieu of the "City Police" to handle various items including: Nails in his driveway, a smashed garage door at his house (hmmmm), harassing telephone calls and so on.

Back in the 2000 election, Pearson replied to the following questions....

Walter Pearson

Biographical information
Real Estate.
A resident of Marco Island for 35 years.

Present public service
Knights of Columbus.
Building Managers International.

Past public service
Collier County Advisory Board on Homeless.

Why are you running for city council?
To bring
dignity to city council, keep taxes to a minimum, respect all voters and invite their input.

What do you think is the most important issue city government faces in the next four years?
To revise the PSO, resolve the bridge expansion issue, resolve the water issue.

How do you think the city should handle the issues with Florida Water Services?
Continue to negotiate, present all facts to residents.

How would you proceed with the Judge S.S. Jolley bridge expansion?
All out lobbying of State Department of Transportation, Collier County Commissioners, the county Metropolitan Planning Operation and our state representatives.

What is your opinion on the future of septic vs. sewer systems?
We have to protect our waterways.

How do you view the city's drainage issues? What if anything needs to be done?
Improve drainage.

What is your position on creating bike paths on the island? How would you proceed?
Bridges widened to accommodate bike paths and sidewalks.

What future structures do you see the city supporting (i.e. a civic center, a performing arts center, a city hall, etc.) How involved should the city be?
A city hall/civic center is needed.

What is your position on preserving land for green space? How would you proceed?
Initiate and fund a Land Bank program to acquire property for city needs, provide green space, contain growth, improve property values and enhance the lifestyle of the residents.

What parking issues do you believe need to be addressed?
Case by case issue.

How would you proceed to address specific traffic problems on the island?
Adopt an infrastructure to prevent bottlenecks.

What is your position on granting variances to zoning laws?
To take a common sense approach to government.

What are the greatest needs you see addressed in the comprehensive plan?
Prepare and implement a comprehensive plan to protect and enhance beaches and waterways.

How do you see the city funding major projects?
Utilize the advantages of being a city. Use low-cost tax-free bonds to finance city infrastructure needs.

What do you think should be changed in the city charter?
Amendment to reduce 25 percent electorate to petition and referendum.



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