Marco Island News, Road Rage! 

Road Rage on Marco Island 

Now that season is upon us, Marco Island is faced with its seasonal traffic jams and, consequently, tempers can flair resulting in more than simple horn blowing.  

Collier Blvd. is by far the most frustrating vein to travel on Marco's vast system of streets and avenues.  Jean, a Marco Islander has this to say, "If you are down here from N.Y., either go back, or drive with some patience and courtesy towards your fellow drivers!"  Stephan from Indiana says, "I may be old (82) but I can still see and drive okay.  I just don't know why all of these people keep honking at me!  They seem like they are in a hurry."  

Stephan (pictured left) also said that, "The old people spend a lot of money down here on Marco Island so you should not complain very much.  I know that the residents that live down here get tired of the traffic, but it is nothing like we have every day in Indianapolis!"

Some tips for keeping the traffic flowing are as follows:

1.  Avoid turning left where there is not a stop light with a turning arrow.

2.  Do not "shoot out" into Collier Blvd. and stop in the middle of the median with the butt of your Cadillac sticking out into the median, blocking traffic.  Go right, hit a stop light, and turn to the direction you want to go.   

3.  In Florida, you can turn right on a red stop light after stopping.  Also, it is possible to turn left when the light is green, you don't have to wait for the green arrow.

What it boils down to is the fact that this small island where we all live grows even smaller during the winter months of January-April, with the influx of winter residents.  Have some patience, keep your eyes open and keep a smile on your face when that traffic starts to grind on your nerves!


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