Marco Island News, Last call for...

Marco Island City Councilor Harry Cowin withdrew his suggestion on Monday, Aug. 6 that the council pass an ordinance to close bars at midnight instead of the 2 a.m. Cowin said, "It was not my intent to reduce bar closing hours,"  "I believe we should have an ordinance that is the same as the county ordinance with a 2 a.m. closing."

That appears to be exactly what is going to be accomplished after the Monday meeting.  Cowin, along with Police Chief Roger Reinke and City Manager Bill Moss will draft an ordinance that will shadow the counties pertaining to the closing times for our local watering holes.

Many islanders were and are opposed to further restrictions that may affect their business and investment stating, "why change it if it's not broken"?  

The council voted unanimously to postpone further discussion of bar closing hours to a later meeting. 

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