Marco Island Water

Marco Island officials are upset concerning a future deal for the city's water and sewer system. There are 29 local governments with a interest in the statewide sale of Florida Water Services.

The goal: lower the $520 million purchase price, nearly $110 million of which is Marco Islands share.

The city's water attorney, John Jenkins, is organizing a Friday meeting in Orlando with the involved governments which would be impacted by the deal between Florida Water and the Florida Governmental Utility Authority co-op.

"This meeting will provide an opportunity to freely discuss our concerns with the transaction without the attendance of the representatives of the FGUA," Jenkins wrote in an e-mail invitation.

The meeting was the brain child of the Marco Island City Council, to get a feeling from the other governments involved. .

In February, the Counsel voted to a legal takeover of the water system.

"It may well be that there are more or some people in the same situation, who were not happy with the way their systems have been evaluated," City Council Chairman Glenn Tucker said. "We can bring this information to the table and maybe we can get this price down.

"We're the most vocal but we might not be the only ones out there who are unhappy with this deal," he said.

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