Marco Island Florida 

2005 Everglades Seafood Festival 


I t was not all seafood and games at the 2005 Everglades City seafood festival. Food of all types was available for the festival. However the main course was that of seafood.  It was a beautiful day with record crowds attending this years event.  Lots of rides for the kids and copious amounts of food and drink for the adults.  Foods ranging from "gator tail" to Gyros were available at the main food area being sold at what would  be considered reasonable prices, but bring your cash, as none of the vendors would take "plastic" as we soon found out.  Our cash was spent on the tickets for the rides.   We were disappointed that we could not find a single vendor to take our credit card.  We ventured to the famous Rod and Gun Club  that has been visited by past Presidents and also has been used to film several movies.  They also declined to take our card.  Never to give up, we searched for the elusive ATM machine. Ha, there were two in this thriving town.  We ventured off in search of the cash dealing machine.  The first we found was bone dry and I was told that it had been empty for two days, the other, we found at the Circle K, was also out of the green that we had been searching.  We asked the clerk where we could use some plastic for some food and he pointed us to a local eatery to which we ventured with pure gusto.  Upon arrival we were pleased to find that they did accept credit cards, and we ate until content.

The crowd was content with the food and music, and rides for the youngsters.  There was a very brood mix of people attending including many "bikers" who looked like 50-60 year olds, to Miami people who took advantage of the beautiful weather for a ride to our coast.  We found it interesting to see what was going on with the "bikers".  Most had the name of their "gang" on their black leather vests.  We saw the "Latin Rollers", Thunder and Lightning" and many more.  We were laughing and said that there should be the "retired beer guts" gang and then we came up with a few others after that that are really not worth mentioning.  We also guessed that with all of the motorcycles there, their combined worth  would be worth exceed several million dollars.  I asked one of the parking attendants if they were making much money on the $5.00 per car parking and he said, "It will pay granny's taxes this year".  Everyone was well behaved this year that we saw with the exception of one "biker" that had a disagreement with another "biker".  On the way out he was chasing another group with something he pulled out of the dumpster trying to hit them with the piece of rubbish.  The kids got a kick out of watching it, my wife, told the kids not to look at them or they may come over to our car.  They did not visit our car, and the group of other bikers just ignored the intoxicated biker from the "Toothless Wonder" gang and we were on our way home in the crawling traffic.  Another  successful visit to Everglades City.  

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